Versailles will air on BBC2 on Wednesday (8 June) BBC

The first episode of the new BBC2 series, Versailles, ruffled a few feathers last week as it began to tell the story of King Louis XIV's early reign laced with licentious behaviour and debauchery.

As the series continues tonight, significant steps must be taken to ensure that the royal reputation is protected. And after last week's shock to the nation's system where every taboo in the book was blasted onscreen, Louis (George Blagden) faces the challenge of covering up his naughtiness by demanding a morbid charade while ordering his henchmen to silence any witnesses. Will they bribe them with Bonbons or slice off their heads, we wonder?

As this palaver unfolds, his cross-dressing brother Phillippe (Alexander Vlahos) is busy charming young, handsome men at court, outrageously flirting with them and insisting they sniff his hanky. Because that's going to do a jolly good job of preserving the monarchy's status, isn't it? Don't underestimate young Phillipe, however, as he's a born fighter and wishes to be a soldier in battle. Perhaps the king will see his brother's ambitions of fighting for his country as a way to give him the boot? We'll soon find out.

The show, described by the Beeb as "a delicious treat", has already aired in France and Canada, and one of the show's creators and writers, David Wolstencroft, previously gave an interview to The Telegraph in an attempt to insist the new show is not dominated by sex.

He said: "If you look at all of those so-called sex scenes, and by the way there really aren't that many, if you count them, you will discover that the sizzle is not the steak. What you'll find that it is a part of life. We show that your access to power is about getting close to somebody. Those relationships are what matter."

Judging by the first episode, we're unsure whether to laugh or cry over the BBC's new period drama, even though it's like an X-rated rendition of Downton Abbey. Find out for yourselves on Wednesday night's episode at 9pm on BBC2 (8 June).