Vicente del Bosque excluded Diego Costa for Spain's matches against Belarus and Germany Reuters

Spain boss Vicente del Bosque has claimed Cesc Fabregas will remain in the squad for the game against Belarus on Saturday 15 November and a friendly against World Cup champions Germany three days later – even though Jose Mourinho claimed on Saturday he was unable to play for del Bosque's side due to an injury.

After recent issues between Mourinho and del Bosque over Diego Costa, recent reports suggested the Spanish Federation didn't trust what he heard about Fabregas' latest injury and urged the Chelsea star to fly to Madrid to take a scan before making a decision.

Del Bosque has now claimed that Fabregas playing for Spain is still possible even though he refused to concede that Spain "don't have faith" in Mourinho's comments about his injury.

"We haven't found a replacement for Cesc because first of all, we want our doctors to examine him. That's not to suggest that we don't have faith in what the player says or what Chelsea's medical team say but we would prefer for our own national team doctors to get a second opinion and clear the matter up," Del Bosque said, according to AS.

"That's why we haven't called up anyone else; Cesc is still on the list and that's the end of the matter".

Meanwhile, the Spanish manager has backed his decision to rest Costa even though many pundits in Spain have accused him of losing the war with Mourinho – after the striker scored a goal against Liverpool during the 2-1 victory at Anfield on Saturday.

"There's nothing to say about it. I'm sure that some might view it as a sign of weakness on our part but that simply isn't the case. We are football people and all of us understand Diego's situation perfectly. I said the other day that he would play against Liverpool and I was proved right but putting him through two extra games would be counterproductive for his health which is why we decided against calling him.

"Diego Costa's case is nothing like Cesc Fabregas'. In Fabregas' case, there are protocols to comply with and we are obliged to fulfil them. It's not a question of a lack of faith in the player on our part – he has made 95 appearances at international level and he is close to reaching three figures and naturally, he is keen to do that.

"There's no problem or tension between anyone in the squad about who gets selected and who doesn't. That's not what we are about. Our job is simply to call up the best players – those who are in the best conditions and also to make sure they are well looked after while they are on duty with the national team".