Almost every adult enjoys an expensive glass of wine once in a while. And it is no different for Victoria Beckham, who is a self-confessed expensive wine connoisseur when it comes to the red or white liquor.

The fashion designer loves her wine and would never comprise one her wine habits.

Appearing on This Morning show with actress Eva Longoria, the former Spice Girls revealed that she would never buy a bottle of wine costing less than £10 ($13).

When show host, Alison Hammond asked about their Christmas wish lists, the two ladies replied saying, "Art and wine."

"We love to talk about wine. Maybe that's why we get on so well," Victoria said.

Hammond later asked what they would do if they were down to their last £10. While Longoria replied saying that she would go for avocados or wine, Beckham exclaimed: "For ten pounds? I don't think you'd like it."

On her Instagram story, Victoria recently posted photos of three premium red wine bottles that she shared with husband David Beckham on their romantic dinner date. The three different wines reportedly cost the couple a whopping £1,747.

A 2007 article from NZ Herald, which cites a Closer magazine report, claims that Victoria began taking alcohol to "give her the munchies".

"It's the reason she has a drink. If she has a wine or two then she'll have an appetite like everyone gets when they're on a night out and drinking," an alleged source had told the magazine at the time.

The source added, "She's got a big wine cooler in her house in Madrid and will have one in California when she finds a house. She and David have a life director who is helping them organise the move and she is also sourcing nice Californian wines."