Karlie Kloss
The American model posed in the outfit on the Victoria's Secret fashion show runway.

When the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show finally went live there was something notable missing.

While models from around the world donned skimpy costumes to represent each month of the show's calendar-themed segment, Miss November was nowhere to be seen.

The show skipped from October's witch to December's Santa without warning. Within minutes viewers headed online to vent their confusion about the missing month.

"What happened to November? Is this a new calendar system I should know about?" tweeted one viewer.

"Awkward Victoria Secret fashion show did calendar girls for each month and missed November ... went from October straight to December," another said.

The organisers edited out Miss November from the calendar at the 11th hour because of complaints about her costume, it was reported.

Event organisers were accused of racial insensitivity after photos of Miss November, American model Karlie Kloss in a Native American headdress, were leaked. The pictures were taken during the taping of the show.

Critics branded the stunt disrespectful to Native American culture while others likened it to No Doubt's Native American-inspired video, Looking Hot, which was pulled within days of its release.

Victoria's Secret said: "We are sorry that the Native American headdress replica used in our recent fashion show has upset individuals.

"We sincerely apologise as we absolutely had no intention to offend anyone. Out of respect, we will not be including the outfit in any broadcast, marketing materials nor in any other way."