Video footage has emerged of an alleged child rapist being tied up and beaten by three women. The clip seemingly originates from LiveLeak, where it has since spread to other websites.

The video is believed to be filmed in India, the Daily Mail reports. The man, whose hands are tied behind his back, is being dragged across the ground by three women with a long rope. The details of the alleged rape are unknown.

A large number of ladies and children can be seen watching the action as the three women take turns to hit the man with large sticks.

The man doesn't appear to resist the beating and instead lies prone on the ground.

The footage ends with a police officer speaking to the crowd as the alleged rapist lies on the ground nearby, still tied up.

Sexual assault cases have seen a spike in India recently. On Sunday (2 July), a gang-rape and acid attack survivor was once again attacked with acid in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. On 25 June, police had detained a 19-year-old for killing his father after the teenager discovered his father had raped his sister.