A dramatic video of a drunken passenger soaked in blood being restrained by fellow passengers was filmed on a Red Wings flight from Moscow to Antalya in Turkey, The Sun reported.

The unidentified passenger is seen repeatedly screaming and punching the seat in front of him, as blood flowed from his face onto his clothing. It is unclear how the passenger sustained injuries to his face.

Scared by the actions of the man, a young girl in front of him is seen trying to move away from him towards her mother. Several passengers are seen watching the inebriated man go out of control on the long-haul flight.

The video then shows the man being restrained by fed-up passengers. They lay him back down across a row of seats and bind his hands with a seat belt.

According to reports in Russia as quoted by The Sun, cabin crew had tried and failed to calm the drunken passenger and finally resorted to restraining him.

When the plane eventually touched down at its destination, police were waiting for the bloodied man on the tarmac, reports RMF Maxxx.

This isn't the first time passengers have caused problems in the air. Last year, pictures of a man being carried off a plane by border guards had emerged. He had become uncontrollable and started making vulgar comments against the cabin crew.

His behaviour was said to be so bad that the UK-bound flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Poland to remove him.