Here is your round-up of the biggest video gaming news stories from the past week, including a new Assault map set on the moon for Blizzard's hit online shooter Overwatch, and big news regarding Nintendo's plans for a premium online service for its Switch console.

Also this week, an executive from Pokémon Go developer Niantic revealed plans to introduce two highly sought-after features this summer, which fans have been demanding since the game's launch last year.

For further details read below, or click through the headlines to read the full stories.

Overwatch reveals Lunar Colony map as Reaper and McCree buffs are introduced

Blizzard has made good on its tease earlier this week by revealing that a new map will soon be added to the studio's hit shooter Overwatch. The Horizon Lunar Colony will be a new Assault map will two capture points players must attack and defend.

The announcement was made with a trailer focusing on Overwatch hero Winston, who was born and raised on the moon base, and was also joined by the latest update for the game's public test realm (PTR) server.

Nintendo Switch paid online service now includes Netflix-style library of classics

Nintendo has announced more details regarding the premium online service for its new console, Nintendo Switch. There have been some changes since we last heard about the plans, including that it will now launch in 2018.

Prior to the Switch's launch in March, Nintendo said the paid-for service, which will grant players access to online multiplayer, would launch in autumn after a test period in the summer.

Online play in games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and July's Splatoon 2 will instead remain free in 2017 and right up until whenever it is Nintendo decides to launch its new service next year.

Pokémon Go to finally introduce player battles and legendary Pokémon this summer

As the first anniversary of Pokémon Go's release approaches, developer Niantic has revealed it will finally introduce the ability to battle with friends this summer. Better still, the developer says legendary Pokémon will be made available to capture for the very first time.

The news comes from Niantic exec Mathieu de Fayet who was interviewed by Brazilian newspaper O Globo (translated by Go Nintendo). He revealed the game has been downloaded 650 million times and has 65 million players, but the team still wonders how to keep people interested.

"Right now we are working on some that are due to hit this summer," he says, "such as giving more value to the choice of the teams, releasing Legendary Pokémon and introducing PvP [player vs player]."

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