Train sex couple
The couple casually got on the train afterwards Twitter/@erenLDN

An amorous couple had sex in broad daylight on the platform of a London train station then casually pulled their trousers up and strolled onto a London Overground train.

The unknown pair were filmed romping in full view of other travellers at Hackney Downs station, east London. The footage was uploaded to Twitter yesterday (26 August) but it is not clear when it was filmed.

A passenger who captured the spectacle wrote on Twitter: "Hackney Downs is a different place uno [you know], how's a man clarting [having sex with] this ting at a train station."

The two minute clip has already been shared over 3,000 times in the sixteen hours since it was uploaded.

The couple, who appeared to be in their 20s or 30s, seemed aware that they were being filmed.

At one point, the red haired woman looked up at the person shooting footage, who was standing approximately 20 yards away. She carried on undeterred while the person recording complimented her partner on his "stamina".

It is not clear whether the couple reached a natural conclusion or whether their enjoyment was cut short by the arrival of a train, which they duly headed on to without a hint of sheepishness after pulling their denim jeans up.

Public sex is a surprisingly complicated legal issue. The Terrence Higgins Trust website states that: "Sexual activity in public toilets is still an offence but sex in other public places isn't, unless it is witnessed or there is a reasonable chance that at least two members of the public might see what's happening. In this case you could be charged with outraging public decency."

The London Overground is, as the name suggests, an overground train service that links up with the London Underground, or tube, at various stops.

It is has a number of branches, two of which converge to form a junction at Hackney Downs, which is situated next to a large park of the same name.