A woman in New Mexico was arrested after taking her sobriety test a step further than she needed to. When asked to walk in a straight line by a police officer, Bryelle Marshall, 23, decided instead that it was time to do a cartwheel.

Marshall was found asleep behind the wheel of her parked car, NBC New York reported, and woken up by police who had received reports of reckless driving. In the video, an officer, whose bodycam caught the whole incident on tape, tries to show Marshall what she has to do while she laughs.

The officer attempts numerous times to get Marshall to walk in a line, telling her repeatedly that she needs to face the direction she's walking, not stand side on. Each time she raises her arms, ready for another cartwheel, he tells her to put her hands down.

"Put your hands down at your side. Don't do it cause you're going to hit me and I'm going to charge you with battery," the officer says the third time. She then attempts another cartwheel, hitting the officer on her way around.

Marshall was charged with battery, driving with an expired license plate and aggravated driving under the influence.