Footage from the thanksgiving service at St. Paul's Cathedral on Friday, June 3, seemed to show Kate Middleton muttering something when she saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walking to their seats inside.

Royal followers who watched the televised service are convinced that the Duchess of Cambridge swooned over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The clip showed the couple making their way down the aisle and to their seats far from where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seated.

Kate Middleton briefly glanced their way as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared near her line of vision. She then said something, which lip readers claimed could have only been "wow."

"Oh my goodness! Kate said 'Wow' looking at Harry and Meghan. Chile!" one viewer tweeted.

Another noted, "I don't see hatred. I see sadness and envy" while some claimed that Kate Middleton was envious that Meghan Markle "stole the show" with her presence.

"Kate got a whole new face for this celebration but she's still bothered by Meghan's presence," one more wrote.

Meanwhile, another royal follower guessed what Meghan Markle told Prince Harry when they arrived for the Thanksgiving service. Lip-reading expert Juliet Sullivan told the Daily Mail that the duchess complimented the church before they sat down and told Prince Harry, "I've never been here. It's beautiful."

Likewise, Sullivan seemed to echo what viewers guessed Kate Middleton said upon the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's arrival. She claimed that members of the congregation also complimented the mum-of-two and said, "Wow. how wonderful does Meghan look?"

The Thanksgiving service marked the couple's first public appearance in the U.K. since they left their royal duties in 2020. They were met with cheers and some boos when they arrived and left St. Paul's Cathedral. It is said that they opted out of joining the royals at a VIP reception after the service to avoid having to rub shoulders with Prince William and Kate Middleton. They went back to Frogmore Cottage instead to be with their children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, whom they brought along to spend the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and meet Queen Elizabeth II.

Returning royals Prince Harry and his wife Meghan attended a thanksgiving church service on Friday