"Vikings" season 6 is currently on a hiatus after airing an explosive midseason finale, earlier in February. The show will not return at least for a few more months and conclude the saga. Meanwhile, fans are worried about the ending of the series.

The epic historical drama has reached the midpoint of its final season. The History Channel series based on legendary Norse heroes is slated to come to an end with its current season 6. Even though the final episodes are months away, fans are reportedly concerned about how the show will conclude.

According to Express UK, followers of Game of Thrones series are concerned if Vikings will also have similar "rushed and divisive" ending. Fans are assured that this will not be the case with "Vikings" season 6. One of cast members confirmed that fans will not be disappointed with the finale.

Speaking with Metro, "Vikings" starlet Alicia Agneson, who joined the series in season 5 as Freydis and Princess Katia, explained that the showrunners are familiar with fans' concerns and always worried about "backlash." She went on to reveal that when they read the final episode, it took them some time to grasp it.

"I think when you run a show that's been going for a long time. You're always worried about that [backlash]. But when we read the final episode everyone was just quiet for two days on set to take it in. I hope the fans love it as much as we did," Agneson said.

Meanwhile, she insists that fans must watch until the end as it is something no one saw coming.

"With a series like this, you have to watch it until the end. And the end scene I can promise you will not disappoint. It's really beautiful. It's...yeah, no one saw it coming," she added.

"Vikings" season 6 aired its midseason finale on Wednesday, February 5 with an episode titled "Best Laid Plans." The show ended with a major cliffhanger leaving Bjorn Ironside's fate unknown. He was stabbed by Ivar with a sword as The Rus' celebrate their victory. While some believe this was the end of the King of Kattegat, others continue to argue the uncertainty of the scene.

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After fighting a wild grizzly bear, Bjorn will have an unexpected and life threatening visitor in the jungle History Channel

"Vikings" season 6 is expected to return sometime later this year. However, the official return date remains unannounced.