Vincent Cassel is apparently no longer a fan of Marvel or DC films even though he was a huge follower of the comics in his younger years.

The "Westworld" star admitted that he would not watch Marvel or DC films because they are movies for kids. He said he was initially interested when technology made Spider-Man and other superhero characters look real without being tacky. But his interest eventually wavered.

"Honestly, these are not movies I watch anymore. When they came up with the technology and the fact that suddenly Iron Man or Spider-Man could look real and not tacky in the special effects, I was interested. Then, it became normal," Cassel told Inverse.

The 54-year-old actor shared that he "was a big fan of the comics at the time" when he was a kid. Nowadays though, he thinks "these are movies for kids, really."

"And even though I still have a part of me who's a kid, I would say no. I wouldn't watch it," he continued.

Cassel plays a villain in "Westworld" and his portrayal is enough to grant him a spot (if he is willing) as another baddie in a Marvel or DC film. But, he says he would rather not star in either franchise if the villain character is not written well or intelligently.

"Maybe if you had a great villain and it's done by somebody who's really intelligent and talented enough to give it a twist so it doesn't look like a movie for kids, then maybe I would do it. But otherwise, no," he explained, adding, "The few approaches that I had, I felt like it would have been a long time commitment for something that I wouldn't even watch to the end."

Cassel's frank opinion about Marvel or DC films comes at the heels of Martin Scorsese's remark about Marvel movies resembling theme parks. He said he does not hate the movies but just does not consider them cinema, which he described as an art form that "brings you the unexpected" unlike superhero movies where "nothing is at risk."

Vincent Cassel
Vincent Cassel Pascal Le Segretain/Getty