Two new celebrities are set to arrive in the I'm a Celebrity camp tonight.

Strictly Come Dancing star Vincent Simone and ex-model and TV host Annabel Giles will enter the camp together.

Simone, 34, and Giles, 54, will face their first overnight challenge, which will determine the number of stars available to the camp in tomorrow's trial.

The two new additions to the show told The Mirror they were terrified of entering the jungle.

"I am scared of anything," said Simone. "I am realising this more and more. The other day I was on a phone at home and I opened the French doors to go outside. I saw this red thing flying towards me. I was kicking and punching it. It was a ladybird.

"I am so terrible; I can't actually pick out specific creatures. Spiders, tarantulas, I am scared of everything. However, I am looking forward to pushing myself and trying."

Giles said she was not sure what she had let herself in for and was dreading the trials.

"Phobias? I don't even like camping. When I watch the trials I freak myself out and I keep going 'OMG'. I have had to stop thinking about it because if I do, I wind myself up into a frenzy and I keep wondering what on earth I have done."

The former wife of pop star Midge Ure said she was very likely to "leap in" if there was any unfairness between the celebrities.

"I can't bear negativity," she said. "I will get cross. I am not petty but if I see an injustice, I am very likely to leap in. What human traits annoy me? Most of them!

"I do think I will play the head girl role in the camp. I will jolly everyone along," she added.

Strictly star Simone said he hoped to teach the other contestants some dance steps during his time in the camp.

"I hope there is someone nice in there that I can teach some steps. Dancing is the best thing. It has been my life and I would like to try and teach the celebrities how to dance. I would like to inject some passion" Simone said.
"I love dancing so much but when I got asked to take part in this show, I really wanted to do it," he added. "I know I am very confident if I perform in a competition, but this is something totally out of my comfort zone."

Tonight's show also sees beauty queen Amy Willerton face her first bushtucker trial.