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Delay in Virgin pilot strike dates is causing frustration to British travellers REUTERS

With talks still on-going between the British Air Line Pilots Association (BALPA) and Virgin Atlantic to avoid a pilots strike that could ruin thousands of family holiday's this year, it is important to know if you are covered and what your rights are if there is a strike this summer. It is the expectation that the Virgin pilot strike will happen at the end of July into the start of August; at the start of the school holidays, designed to cause maximum disruption.

Families are set to have their holidays disrupted if Virgin Atlantic pilots do stage their walk out. The walk out is expected this summer and up to 750 pilots are set to strike. It will cause misery for families who had their hearts set on dream holidays to the Caribbean, the Far-East and Florida. The strikes will affect British travellers as Virgin Atlantic fly out of both London Gatwick and London Heathrow, Glasgow and Manchester airports.

It is even more ironic because many families decided to book on Virgin this summer because of the constant summer strikes from British Airways staff, and families wanted peace of mind that their holidays would not be disrupted. The best advice is to check with your holiday insurance provider to see if you are covered against the strikes. Here is some more detailed advice for British travellers flying with Virgin Atlantic this summer.

Is my flight going to be affected?

Virgin Atlantic has confirmed their flight schedule remains completely unaffected.
BALPA has not advised of any potential strike dates, and even if they do any industrial action is by no means a certainty. We understand that many of our booked and potential customers will be concerned however BALPA and Virgin Atlantic are continuing discussions regarding Pilot Pay and they're confident that together they can settle this dispute without causing any inconvenience or disruption to our customers.

Is Virgin Atlantic cancelling any flights now?

No - currently their flying schedule is completely unaffected and they're not cancelling any flights.

What happens when strike dates are announced?

In accordance with the law, Virgin Atlantic must be given 7 days' notice of the commencement of any strike. However even if a date after the 28th June is announced it's by no means a certainty that strikes will take place. Virgin Atlantic remains committed to finding a solution to this matter by continuing discussions between all parties in order to reach a positive resolution and without causing any inconvenience or disruption to our customers.

Can I cancel my booking and have a refund?

As the Virgin Atlantic flying schedule remains completely unaffected any cancellation would be subject to the relevant charges within our brochure terms and conditions.

Will Virgin reimburse me for other expenses incurred?

No - Virgin is not responsible for anything other than the flights and would not reimburse you for accommodation or car rental. Check with your travel insurance, every policy is different. Any insurance policy taken out before the strike date will be covered. Package holiday with Virgin Atlantic will be covered in their entirety.

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