Vester Lee Flanagan
Former WDBJ7 employee, Vester Lee Flanagan is the suspected shooter of Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Earlier today (26 August), journalist Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, who worked for WDBJ7 in the US, were shot dead during a live broadcast. The suspect has since been named as 41-year-old Vester Lee Flanagan, a disgruntled former employee at WDBJ7.

Following the shooting a graphic video was uploaded onto Facebook and Twitter, seemingly by the suspect himself. It shows him holding a gun directed at Parker, which is subsequently discharged. The clip has since been removed from social media.

On air, Flanagan went by the name "Bryce Williams" and had a reputation as "being difficult to work with", according to WDBJ's general manager Jeff Marks. He was dismissed because of anger problems. Marks said Flanagan was fired "after many incidents of his anger coming forward", according to an NBC report.

The Twitter account under which the video was posted also included the following comments: "I filmed the shooting see Facebook", "Adam went to [human resources] on me after working with me one time!!!" and "Alison made racist comments. EEOC report filed. They hired her after that???"

Flanagan reportedly worked at local television stations in a career spanning two decades, according to his LinkedIn page, which has also been removed. In 2000 he sued a Florida station, alleging racial discrimination after being dismissed.

After the killings Flanagan shot himself. He is understood to be in critical condition.

Alison Parker and Adam Ward
WDBJ news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward WDBJ