Wales' national day is being marked by Google with its Doodle for the 11th time.

St David's Day commemorates the nation's patron saint, who is believed to have been born around 500AD. He was brought up in Cardiganshire and founded religious centres throughout the west of Britain, including in Glastonbury in Somerset.

He set up a religious community in Glyn Rhosyn in southwest Wales, and people believed he had special powers that could repel the invading Normans.

He is said to have died on 1 March 569, but this has been revised to 601. In the 12th century he was canonised by Pope Callactus II and later he was named as the patron saint of Wales.

Google's Doodle focuses on that other icon of Wales, the dragon, carved into a wooden love-spoon, a traditional object that dates back hundreds of years. Carvings have been added to the spoon, which is a decorative item to be hung on the wall.