"The Walking Dead" (TWD) Season 10 kicked off last week with a bomb of an episode. The show started six years after the events of the last season and gave a glimpse of the new story and new threat "Whisperers." AMC's long-running post-apocalypse series is set to air the second episode of season 10. Here is what to expect.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "The Walking Dead" (TWD) season 10 episode 2.]

By now, we know that Alpha and her Whisperers are not too far away from the group. They are preparing for the much-anticipated confrontation and it is only the calm before the storm. Daryl and party must hurry up in their preparation because they have a lot of work to do and they are running out of time.

Episode 2 of "TWD" season 2 is titled "We Are the End of the World" and fans can expect the action to slow down a bit to catch up on some original story. According to the official synopsis for the next chapter of the series, the show will feature a massive flashback revealing the story of Alpha and Beta.

For those unfamiliar, Alpha is the leader of a survivor group called The Whisperers. They are a powerful group who disguise themselves wearing walkers' mask. As for Beta, he is a high-ranking member of the group and second in command to Alpha. He is obedient to a fault to the commands of Alpha.

Meanwhile, Alpha, helps her daughter Lydia to prepare to walk among the dead for their upcoming mission. The Whisperers get fragmented into different herds. Since the episode is majorly about the Whisperers, the main characters will get less screen time.

The trailer introduces The Whisperers, and the duo Alpha and Beta.

"We are far from the enemy, their fear will subside. It's time that the pack returns.

"The others have spoken of the life they saw, she unsettles the pack," Beta says to Alpha.

The trailer ends with the initiation ceremony of the third-in-command, Gamma.

Norman Reedus
The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus says he and Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, are "best friends" Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"TWD" season 10 episode 2 airs Sunday on AMC. Fans can stream and watch it soon after the broadcast on the network's official website.