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The Walking Dead season 5, episode 15 titled Try airs this Sunday, 22 March and fans are waiting to see what the penultimate episode of this season brings after the shocking events of the last episode.

Warning: TWD season 5 spoilers ahead

Last Sunday's episode featured a gruesome death for Noah and with the season finale just one episode away, it might not be the only big shocker that fans can expect from the last few episodes of season 5.

Actor Tyler James Williams, who plays the recently-departed Noah, admitted that he "wouldn't be surprised" if upcoming brutal villain - Negan kills Glenn.

Earlier this week, Williams spoke about Noah's gruesome death, suggesting that the character's departure from the show will go on to have a severe impact on the rest of the group. Glenn, (Steven Yeun) in particular, was left traumatised after watching his friend be torn to pieces by walkers, reports Melty.

The Walking Dead
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Williams told The Hollywood Reporter that Glenn will become "kind of ruthless" in the episodes following Noah's death.

Fans of The Walking Dead comic books will know that soon after the survivors arrive in Alexandria, they encounter a group known as the Saviors. Their leader, a sociopath known as Negan, brutally murders Glenn by beating him to death with his baseball bat.

Negan from the The Walking Dead comic book
Negan from the The Walking Dead comic book The Walking Dead/Image Comics

Talking about the possibility of the show moving forward on the same lines as the comics, Williams remarked: "If they do follow Glenn's death the way they do in the comic, it makes sense. If Glenn is so ruthless now because he's lost someone in his hands, he's going to approach Negan aggressively and that's probably how he's going to die."

Several reports and fan speculations also suggest that the mysterious Wolves (W) that have been teased in previous episodes is a take on the Saviors, by the makers of the series. And if that is the case, fans can definitely expect Negan to appear soon.

Fuelling this theory further is actor Michael Cudlitz's (who plays Abraham on the show) recent statement where he teases that the finale will be all about anger and tears for the fans.

"It's going to piss you off," Cudlitz told Yahoo TV. "There will be tears, but also, once again, like the writers have been doing pretty consistently, it tees up a new beginning in a very, very different way."

Meanwhile, an alleged detailed description of the upcoming episode 15 has leaked online and reveals some major developments as the season draws closer to its finale.

Here's how the opening scene of the episode plays out, as per the leaked description:

You can click here to read the full description of the episode. The Spoiling Dead Fans, a Facebook page dedicated to The Walking Dead, has published the alleged summary.

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 15 titled Try airs tonight; 22 March at 9pm ET/PT on AMC.

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