The Walking Dead
On-set images from The Walking Dead Season 5 finale shoot have leaked online TheWalkingDeadAMC/facebook

New on-set images from The Walking Dead season 5 finale episode shoot have surfaced online and they tease some eagerly-awaited new characters.

The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page posted several images out of which two seem to be causing the most stir when it comes to discussion among fanatics.

The first of which is a picture of a mysterious man carrying what looks to be a dead walker, reports

"While most comments agree that the person is likely a stage hand from 'The Walking Dead' makeup team, some adventurous souls have gone on record to suggest that the man could be in character as Negan," states the report.

Negan is a brutal and violent villainous character of The Walking Dead comic books series and is confirmed to debut on the show in season 5.

Negan plays a critical role in Virginia's Alexandria Safe-Zone. It's heavily suspected that that's where Rick Grimes' group will head in the latter half of season 5.

Another image has led fans to speculate that it could be the first-ever TV glimpse of comic book character, Paul Monroe - more commonly known as Jesus.

"Monroe also earns a place at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. In the span of the comic's universe, he is Rick's current right-hand man. That being said, the fact that the TV show might have caught up to the comics this soon puts that idea into question. It would take a relatively significant time jump to bring fans into the Jesus era from where they are now," speculates the website.

The Walking Dead season 5 finale is expected to air on 29<sup>th March, 2015.