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The Walking Dead season 5, episode 7 titled 'Crossed' promises to be an exciting and action-packed ride which will set up the stage for the show's midseason finale.

Warning: Potential Spoilers Below

Highlight of the upcoming episode will be Carol's fate as spoilers suggest she will be "put off life support during her serious condition".

"One thing that the internet tells us is that her condition is serious enough to be put on life support. That very same life support will unfortunately be turned off due to Dawn's request and Beth's disobedience. Given the circumstances, Beth is then obligated to save her friend before time runs out," states a report.

Spoilers TV mentions that both of these characters will be unconscious at the beginning of the episode, but only one will wake up.

According to the upcoming episode's official synopsis, "The group is spread thin with some members holding down the church and the others on a rescue mission."

Supplies is the main reason for the group splitting up. Also, Rick and company devise a plan to rescue Carol and Beth from the medical facility but when their plan falls apart, the team is going to improvise.

The Walking Dead season 5, episode 7 will air on Sunday 23 November at 9 pm ET/PT on AMC followed by a new episode of The Talking Dead.

You can click here to watch the episode live stream online.

The episode will be made available online on the AMC official website. You can click here to watch it online via live stream.