The Walking Dead Heart Breaking Mid Season Finale: Will Carol's Death Makes Daryl Cry Inconsolably During Filming?
A still from the mid-season finale episode of TWD season 5. The Walking Dead/Facebook

The Walking Dead mid-season finale ended with the death of Beth Greene. Her tragic end at the Grady Memorial hospital came as a big shock to fans who have been left baffled at the turn of events.

Things appeared to be going fine and Rich Grimes very nearly succeeded in the hostage trade-off. He and Daryl almost got Beth when Dawn demanded Noah back in her team in exchange for Hershel Greene's youngest daughter.

Though Rick and Daryl did not agree to the trade-off, Noah volunteers to go back to hospital for Beth's release.

An emotional Beth is overpowered with anger when Dawn wickedly says, "I knew you'd be back," pointing towards Noah and in a surprising move, the once naive daughter of Hershel stabs Dawn with a pair of scissors.

But this wasn't the end of the mid-season finale as in a swift reaction, Dawn shoots Maggie's sister dead.

That is when fans saw the real killer inside the crossbow bearer who did not hesitate for a moment before killing Dawn in retaliation.

The finale marked the end of the most endearing character on TWD who finally showcased her bravest side by fighting the odds, manipulating her captors and saving her friends.

Show runner Scott M Gimple, meanwhile, teases that the unfortunate event will shape Daryl as a ruthless killer for which Rick is famous for in AMC's post apocalyptic drama.

"Daryl is going to be destroyed that this has happened. To have seen his reaction — in anger and anguish — says a lot," Gimple told the Hollywood Reporter. "This is an event that shapes who Daryl will be moving forward."

Speaking about the much awaited Rick and Morgan reunion, the show runner teases that the map found by Morgan means 'something special' for the show when it returns next year.

"Morgan knows Rick Grimes could be alive and could be somewhere nearby and perhaps on that path. It's something. Morgan sat there and he prayed [in the church] and then he laughed at the idea of praying and then he found that map. So perhaps it's divine intervention."

Gimple also teased that the survivors of AMC's zombie horror thriller will turn weirder in the second part of the season.

"They are going to go through it emotionally and it's going to get harder for them before it becomes weirder for them.

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season 5 on 8 February on AMC Network.