The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead season 6 finale will see the entry of the notorious villain Negan AMC

The Walking Dead season 6 finale is just four days away and fans will finally get to see the much-talked about and much-hyped debut of the popular and brutal villain Negan (played by Jeffrey Dead Morgan).

The show's lead star Andrew Lincoln was recently asked by Entertainment Weekly to share his view on Negan's entrance on the show and the actor was all praises: "Just get ready, man. Just get ready." Lincoln shared that executive producer Greg Nicotero, who directed the episode, has called it "the best one yet".

Talking about his upcoming on-screen nemesis' introduction scene, the actor said: "I read the script and I went, 'This is the greatest entrance ever written'."

Lincoln also jokingly admitted how the dramatic entrance may lead to a little jealousy among the cast towards Negan actor Jeffrey Dead Morgan. "All of the guys were going, 'Aw, man. I wish I had gotten this guy'!" said Lincoln with a laugh. "It's incredible. Although it's also kind of unbearable. Norman and I were like, 'Ugh, all the girls on set are gonna love him'."

But all on-screen animosity aside, Lincoln seems to have become a fan of Jeffrey Dead Morgan. "He's just the coolest guy and everybody loves him. Jeffrey's such a great guy and I've been a huge admirer of his since he played the Comedian [in Watchmen] and everything else he's done. We're going to have a lot of fun. Honestly, we are so thrilled to have him. We're lucky people."

The Walking Dead season 6 finale airs this Sunday (3 March) on AMC.