The Walking Dead season 6 star Steven Yeun (Glenn) recently revealed that the show's upcoming season will have a "deeply emotional character story" and now, actress Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) has teased that some very "stable, reliable characters" will crumble. Looks like the zombie drama will focus on a lot of internal struggles and challenges for its characters on the show's sixth season.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly about TWD season 6, Cohan said, "...I think what's been really interesting is that you see us all kind of make strides in the direction of civility or civilization and a more regimented society. And it's about being really challenged."

"So we'll see a ton of challenges and we'll see people the audience has been introduced to as very stable reliable characters crumbling, and I think it's going to be pretty scary."

Fans who love all the high-octane action on show need not be disappointed as the new season will have tonnes of it. In fact, according to Cohan, season 6 is all set to kick it up a notch!

"I don't know if anybody has said this yet but we always joke that the writers write these amazing action sequences from air-conditioned offices," said Cohan. "And I think this season is no exception and definitely rises above."

The actress also teased an interesting detail about the way season 6 will kick-off once it returns on air in October 2015. "We have the most suffocating beginning to the season that I've experienced yet," she claimed.

The Walking Dead season 6 will premiere on 11 October 2015 on AMC with a 90-minute episode.