The Walking Dead fans can expect a pretty strong and interesting storyline regarding Morgan's role in season 6. His transition from a zombie-slayer to a peace-loving drifter might be revealed via flashback scenes in the upcoming season.

Actor Lennie James recently shared details of his character's role in the zombie drama's sixth season and shared that fans can expect to see how Morgan landed up on the path to peace.

"There's a big question to answer about Morgan, both about the show but also for me in the playing of him," James told Entertainment Weekly. "There's a couple of dots to be joined that we haven't gotten to yet in the playing of him. So I'm kind of exploring that." (via ComicBook)

He added, "Sometimes, the most incendiary thing you can do is take a position of peace - and Morgan on one level is going to stir things up by taking a passive position. As I said in the [2015 TWD Comic-Con panel], that's going to fly in the face of a few people's ideas of how you survive in this present world, and he's going to offer possibly an alternative that isn't exactly going to land in the way he hopes or expects it to land."

The "few people" James is talking about here might include Rick who, as reported earlier, is expected to have a clash of ideologies with Morgan in season 6.

The Walking Dead returns with season 6 in October 2015 on AMC.