The first two episodes of The Walking Dead season 7 brought two major twists in the show. While in the premiere episode off Glenn and Abraham were killed, which has shattered Rick and his fellow Alexandrians, the second episode brought a welcoming change by introducing King Ezekiel's flourishing survivor's society and a hint of blooming romance between him and Carol.

Click here to watch episode 3 titled The Cell online via live stream (only in the US). The zombie horror series airs every Sunday night on AMC.

The third episode is titled The Cell, which will focus on Daryl, who is now Negan's prisoner. In a series of promos released by AMC, the Savior henchman Dwight is seen playing mind games with the crossbow warrior. It seems like he will play a major role in aiding Norman Reedus' character to set him free.

Meanwhile Reedus revealed that his character will never forgive himself for Glenn's death. "He completely takes the weight of that and just carries that with him. He never forgives himself and he takes full responsibility. Although the thing is, Daryl didn't say "Oh if I do this, they'll kill Glenn," he told EW.

Rick, on the other hand is fractured, broken and bereaved as his team is trying to picking up the pieces under the bloody shadow of Negan. Andrew Lincoln, who plays the fateful character, has hinted that Rick is gutted with guilt for his disastrous decisions.

In a separate interview he said: "Guilt is never very far from Rick Grimes' shoulder. It comes with the package. He's a man who takes his responsibilities very heavily, not lightly. And I think that makes him somebody that people want to fall in behind, or alongside. It's also his strength, it's also his weakness. This is shattering, what happened to him."

The British actor also teased that the current season is about dealing with trauma and rebuilding as the road ahead is extremely difficult. "All I will say is that this is a rocky road. It's a shocking beginning to a season, but it is the beginning of a season. That's what people have to remember. This is where we begin, after the quake," he said.