Walking Dead season 7
King Ezekiel revealed his past before Carol to convince her to stay in the Kingdom AMC

The Walking Dead season 7 has moved on from the horrific deaths of Glenn and Abraham. The second episode of the AMC thriller introduced a different society, flourishing amid the zombie apocalypse. It also introduced another major character who is set to bring an important change to the drama.

Carol and Morgan arrive in the Kingdom and meet King Ezekiel. While Morgan finds the place worth living in, Carol is not impressed. She cannot believe that a society can actually thrive in a world that is almost dead.

However, soon Ezekiel senses her reservation about accepting the new change and explains how and why he became the leader of the people. The duo soon develop a liking for each other and from the first look it appears they will be the next romantic pair after Rick Grimes and Michonne.

"She's intrigued with him, for sure, not really knowing how she feels about him. He's playing with her and he's a breath of fresh air and a light in the darkness, and understands her and he won't leave her alone. Since pomegranates are a little more trouble than they're worth, I think him offering her that pomegranate was really cute," Melissa McBride told Mashable about her character's feelings for the Kingdom's leader.

Carol left the Alexandrians after feeling suffocated due to the constant human slaughters and Rick's growing rogue nature. But it appears she is finally in peace after Ezekiel's assurance that there is still a little bit of goodness in the cruel world swarming with zombies.

Earlier fans wanted to see her romancing Daryl, but considering the current situation of the crossbow wielding warrior, it appears their reunion is fruitless. But the chemistry between Ezekiel and Carol promises a pleasant romance in the zombie world.

The Walking Dead season 7 will return with episode 3 The Cell on 6 November on AMC and will show Daryl's miserable condition as a prisoner in Negan's den.

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