The Walking Dead
Daryl and Rick has a major scuffle in episode 5 of The Walking Dead season 8 Gene Page/AMC

For the first time in many seasons, Rick Grimes and Daryl had a major fight due to their ideological difference in episode 5 of The Walking Dead season 8. But fans are not complaining as their physical tussle is all set to open interesting plot points for the already dragging show.

Norman Reedus, who plays the fan favourite Daryl, has teased that his character will continue to go rogue this season and his fight with Rick is just the beginning. "Daryl does go a bit rogue this season, and he's continuing to go rogue throughout the season quite a way through the story. There are some bigger rogue moments coming, to be honest," he told Entertainment Weekly.

In the episode, which aired on Sunday 19 November in the US and 20 November in the UK, the crossbow warrior saves Rick from a tumbling vehicle and together they pull out a box full of dynamite. Daryl wanted to use it to destroy the safety wall of the Sanctuary and let the walkers destroy Negan's paradise. However, the Alexandrian leader stops him from doing any damage to the innocent people living inside. This caused a huge philosophical difference between the two which led to a major fight where Daryl literally choked his brother-like-friend.

Reedus also revealed that in the upcoming episode there are some sequences where Daryl will take major steps without Rick's knowledge. "Some really big moments coming where I kind of go rogue without him knowing it, because this group gets separated from time to time. Everybody in this group, everyone's trusted enough, and everyone's in it enough to make plans, and we're all trying to reach the same spot, but there are moments when you have to make decisions on the fly, and that happens this season quite a bit," he added.

With the battle against Negan taking a new shape, it will be interesting to see how Rick deals with his team which is constantly losing focus.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday in the US on AMC and on Mondays on Fox.