The royal family is spending Christmas holidays in Sandringham estate, like every year. Queen Elizabeth II was accompanied by the rest of the members of the royal house, except Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and baby Archie, to celebrate the festival in a traditional manner. With Christmas being an elaborate celebration in the monarch's family, this is certainly a time for them to relax and unwind now that it is over. Want to know how her family spends Boxing Day and the rest of the winter holidays, read on.

For most of us, Christmas can get tiring, the same is true for the royals as well. Royal traditional Christmas celebrations include luncheons, meeting and greeting people, a walk to the St. Mary Magdalene church, and much more. Therefore, Boxing Day is all about relaxing and doing casual things in plush and verdure outdoors of Queen Elizabeth II's ancestral Norfolk property.

Hello sheds light on how their day looks like. At Sandringham estate, the next day of Christmas usually starts with a buffet breakfast that includes Kedgeree, bacon and eggs. For those unfamiliar, kedgeree is a hearty breakfast meal that consists of cooked, flaked fish, boiled rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, butter or cream, and more.

Following this special breakfast, the entire British royal family heads to enjoy their favourite recreational activities that will help them rejuvenate. Arrangements for activities like shooting, riding, hiking and walking have been made in and around the massive estate. As per the tradition, the family goes for pheasant shooting on Boxing Day and the queen likes to go horse riding.

Queen Elizabeth II is presented with flowers as she leaves the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre CUBRIC after officially open the new £44 million centre on June 7, 2016 Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images

According to Express UK, pheasant shooting is a Boxing Day tradition that is enjoyed by senior royals at Sandringham, Norfolk. However, the younger royals may not be a fan of it. It is reported that Prince Harry skipped the hunt last year to honour his wife Meghan Markle's sentiments about animal care. While it remains uncertain which members of the royal family will be taking part in this traditional sport, it is said some of the family members will be leaving the estate to meet their relatives.

The Cambridge family will be heading to Kate Middleton's family in West Berkshire and continue the celebrations. Meanwhile, the queen and her son Prince Charles are expected to be a part of the hunting game.