Billionaire investor Warren Buffett gave a small piece of advice to Tesla CEO Elon Musk: "please stop tweeting."

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway called Musk a remarkable guy and added: "I just don't see the necessity to communicate on social media."

Buffett then urged Musk to be more vigilant in sharing his thoughts online.

"I think he has room for improvement," Buffett said. "And he would say the same thing."

This is not the first time that Buffett is tendering his advice to Musk.

A few months ago SEC ordered an investigation after Musk tweeted that he has a plan to make Tesla private and secured funds for that. That time, Buffett was quick to urge Musk to correct himself in case he was misquoted on the issue.

Alluding to the trouble that unguarded comments of promoters inflict on the share market, Buffett quipped: "If you've got a stock that's trading like crazy, you come on three minutes later and say, 'I misspoke when I said funding secured. I really meant to say I think I can get funding,'" Buffett told Liz Claman of FOX Business.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett is one of the world's most closely watched investors Reuters

Twitter troubles of Musk

In recent months, tweets had been causing much trouble to the high profile CEO, after annoyed regulators heightened scrutiny of Musk's tweets that had implications on Tesla's share price and potential to influence investors.

Last year, Musk's controversial tweet that said he had plans to make Tesla private, put the CEO in a tussle with SEC.

The SEC accused the CEO of securities fraud and Musk had to settle the matter by paying $20 million in fine and renounced the chairman post of Tesla.

One of the recent tweets of Musk pushed the CEO into legal trouble after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission took exception to his tweet on Tesla's 2019 production targets. The regulator called it a grave breach of the treaty he had signed with them.

The SEC reminded the tweet amounted to a violation of a previous pact that required Musk's tweets to be validated by an expert panel before making them public.

The federal judge has now asked both sides to resolve their differences by 18 April. If they fail to do so, the judge will pronounce whether Musk was in contempt of court.

Musk's lawyers are now negotiating for an agreement with the SEC to add more controls on the billionaire's tweets.

Musk did it again

Meanwhile, Musk took to Twitter yet again with Tesla production forecast. This is despite a similar tweet landing him in a contempt petition from the SEC.

On Sunday, Musk tweeted that Tesla will make more than 5 million cars in the next 12 months. But the forecast was laced as an aside from a discussion that examined the future value of Tesla vehicles.

This article originally appeared in IBTimes US.