A large team of horses ran loose through Bradford bringing panic to terrified drivers as they charged down a rush-hour dual carriageway with police giving chase.

Video footage appears to show at least 15 well-groomed equines charging down the A6036 in the south of the city yesterday (11 April).

West Yorkshire Police confirmed with IBTimes UK that the animals had escaped near Asda on Rooley Lane at around 9.15pm.

They then trotted more than two miles to the Drop Kick pub on the Huddersfield Road where they were eventually brought under control.

A 38 second Youtube clip shows a tight formation of horses speeding down Rooley Avenue with scores of motorists hanging back at a safe distance.

The pack then drifts towards both lanes of oncoming traffic, which has been brought to a standstill, before reverting to its original path.

A voice behind the camera can be heard saying: "Well, this is not good. This is very bad. This is very very bad."

The horses' choice of route took them past the entrance to the M606 motorway. No people or animals are believed to have been injured.

Police said the owner was present when the animals were rounded up.