Arrow season 4 returns from a brief hiatus with an emotional episode, where Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Thea and others will mourn for Laurel Lance, who was tragically killed by Damien Darhk in the previous chapter.

Episode 19 titled Canary Cry will air on 27 April at 9pm EST on The CW. The official synopsis reads as follows:

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The synopsis teases a Black Canary sighting in Star City and it begs the questions as to who will take up the Black Canary's mantle after Laurel? Executive producer Marc Guggenheim addressed this topic in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He said: "I don't know if I'd say [the Black Canary title] is up for grabs. I haven't even really had the chance to discuss this with [executive producers] Wendy [Mericle] or with Greg [Berlanti]. It's a mantle that multiple people have had. We will play with that notion in episode 19."

"I personally like the idea that DC Comics, all the comics, they all have the concept of legacy. We've seen on Legends that someone picks up Oliver Queen's mantle [in the future], for example. So we're in that world. We lean into it pretty strongly in [episode] 19. And that doesn't always mean that the person is a hero. [Episode] 19 is the answer to that question." Guggenheim added.

According to executive producer Mericle, Laurel's death will impact Felicity. She said: "[Laurel's death] will have a huge impact on [Felicity]. If you think about Felicity and what she would do in the wake of something like this, you can draw your own conclusions and you'll find out in [episode] 19. Everyone is going to be compelled to try to fix this and figure out what happened and try to get revenge."

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