The Blacklist season 2 finale
The Blacklist season 2 finale will air tonight on NBC NBC

The Blacklist season 2 finale airs on Thursday, 14 May at 9pm on NBC.

Episode 22 is titled, Masha Rostova, where Lizzie suddenly remembers everything about the night her mother died.

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The official synopsis reads as follows:

In the season finale Liz (Megan Boone) realizes she is being framed by The Cabal forcing Red (James Spader) to use his connections to help her clear her name. As Cooper (Harry Lennix) receives shocking news, Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) Samar (Mozhan Marno) and Aram (Amir Arison) must decide who on the task force can still be trusted. Ryan Eggold also stars.

According to a report in Entertainment Weekly, the finale's most shocking moment will come in the form of some news for a member of the task force, which ends up as "a blessing and a curse."

"It will be up to Liz to clear her own name, which means returning to the scene of the crime where she was first infected with the virus — a difficult task, considering just about every news station is blasting her photo to the masses," said the report.

Executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had hinted that the relationship between Ressler and Liz may change soon.

"In these last episodes, Ressler's going to find himself in a very awkward and different place with Elizabeth Keen," Bokenkamp had earlier told Entertainment Weekly. "We've only done one scene with Ressler, Liz and Tom, but I think there's something happening there. That's a storyline I would love to tell more of."

In the promo for next week, it looks like Liz will finally remember what happened on that fateful night of the fire.

In the promo video, Liz says, "I remember everything," referring to the night her mother is killed, a memory that Red hired someone to suppress years ago. Red looks very surprised and worried.

After viewing the promo video, it seems like Liz finally remembers every detail of the night her mother died in the fire, and consequently, the part that Red played that night as well.

What else would Liz remember? And how will it affect her already fragile relationship with Red? All questions will be answered tonight in the season 2 finale episode of The Blacklist.