Dramatic footage has emerged of a five-year-old boy miraculously walking away after an out of control car ran over his head in Brazil.

CCTV, first broadcast on local Brazilian news networks, shows five-year-old Joao walking with his grandmother Vilma Nascimento along a street in Goiás, central Brazil.

The heart-stopping footage shows a vehicle crashing into a parked white car, which then hits Joao and his grandmother as they try to get out of its way.

As the pair are both knocked down, the car's front and back tyres can be seen running straight over Joao's body and head, before dragging him a few short feet across the pavement.

Amazingly, Joao can then be seen immediately standing up after the crash and walking over to check on his grandmother.

In the aftermath of the incident, both were taken to hospital but were discharged after somehow only sustaining minor injuries.

The boy's grandmother told Brazil's Globo Network she felt the pair had been protected by the "hand of God".

She added: "I feel as if we've been born again. Joao doesn't even look as if he's been run over.

"I saw how the car crushed him and he ran towards me but when I saw blood coming out of his nose and mouth I feared the worst.

"I only calmed down when they said in hospital his injuries were superficial."