The Metropolitan Police has released disturbing footage of a Londoner being attacked with a bottle outside Finsbury Park train station.

A clip of the incident was posted on the Met's Twitter feed today (27 June), although the incident happened on 30 March.

Mohamed Nacer, 45, was knocked out after he was hit with the glass bottle, which smashed over his head, on Seven Sisters Road in North London.

Nacer, who works for the Arab Advice Bureau, confronted two young men, who he believed to be drug dealers, outside a shop next to his office.

He told the Hackney Gazzette: "I have reported [drug dealing] many times. But yesterday I went to speak to them telling them not to sell drugs there.

"One of them told me he was going to stab me and said: 'I'll open your stomach'. He went into the shop and bought a bottle of Coke and hit me over the head with it. The glass smashed and I fell over."

The Met tweeted out the worrying video today in a bid to find the man responsible for the attack, as well as his accomplice.

Anyone with information is urged to call 101 – the police's non emergency number – or tweet @MetCC.

The force also issued the footage to promote the BBC's Crimewatch Roadshow, which sees the flagship law and order programme take to the streets encouraging the public for their help with unsolved cases.

Bottle attack Seven Sisters
Mohamed Nacer was knocked out by the attack Met Police