This BBC reporter got way more than he bargained for!

BBC Norfolk reporter Alex Dunlop was literally overwhelmed by the Banham Zoo's lemurs warm welcome. Dunlop was trying to record some footage with the zoo's lemurs while talking about the zoo's annual stock take of animals. Except the marauding mammals were more interested in playing with him than by his attempt at doing his job.

The video was shared on the BBC's Facebook page on January 8 and gathered 35,000 views in less than two hours at the time of writing and was shared hundreds of times.

During the short clip, the lemurs swarm all over Dunlop's body, pull on his sweater sleeves and trousers, sit on his head and are generally just having a great time picking on the poor reporter who goes from laughter to pain in quick time.

At first, the journalist takes it with a smile, but soon enough the lemurs start getting a bit more invasive and the giggles are replaced with stronger language.

"Alex, whenever you're ready" one can hear him say to a person out of frame, obviously impatiently to get the take in the can and escape his new furry friends as soon as possible.

Finally, Dunlop manages to control the pesky creatures and start recording his piece to camera, but one of the lemurs still hasn't got the memo and decides to bite him on at least three occasions and it just goes downhill from there.

"I think it's one of the more enjoyable parts of the job, counting the lemurs," Dunlop gamely tells the camera, completely covered in excitable primates at this stage.

The video ends on footage of the lemurs jumping around, one hitting the poor Dunlop in the face. Yup, they definitely stole the show.