Airline carrier easyJet has introduced an innovative new pet-minding service for its customers.

Holidaymakers will be able to book free house-sitters for their pets or find free accommodation as a house-sitter when they book a destination on the site. The innovative scheme is offered in conjunction with TrustedHousesitters and will be available from early 2018.

EasyJet says it hopes its customers will be able to explore Europe in a more innovative way as the carrier opts to look after animals in a host of unique locations.

Aside from cats and dogs, pet-sitters could find themselves looking after chickens, pigs goats and llamas in diverse accommodation which ranges from French chateaus to chic bohemian Parisian apartments. According to organisers there are even entire Greek islands that have been listed on the site.

Andrew Middleton, Ancillary Revenue Director for easyJet, said: "easyJet is committed to making travel as easy as possible for our customers – this new partnership with TrustedHousesitters is the latest step we've taken to deliver on that promise.

"By helping holidaymakers find trusted people to look after their pets and homes or by helping them to find free accommodation in return for house-sitting, we will make travel possible for even more people."

The move comes on the back of a recent easyJet survey which found that 58% of people would be more likely to go on holidays if cheaper or more reliable pet-minding options were available.

Animal-loving customers will be able to use the service by paying an annual £89 subscription fee.

Tim Lyons from TrustedHousesitters said: "There are millions of pet owners in desirable locations all over the world without adequate pet care.

"We can now enable them to travel more often with peace of mind, boosting tourism while giving people more authentic travel experiences. This helps make travel easier and more affordable all round."

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Airline carrier easyJet has introduced an innovative new pet-minding service for air travellers Revolution Cycle