Flash season 2 finale
Barry and Zoom race in The Flash season 2 finale The CW

Barry Allen will take on Zoom in a final battle this Tuesday (24 May) at 8pm EST on The CW. The Flash season 2 episode 23 is titled The Race of His Life, where Barry will face his biggest challenge yet, which includes defeating the Speed Demon and preventing a multiverse collapse.

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The previous episode titled Invincible ended with Zoom killing Henry Allen right in front of Barry and the finale episode picks up on the heels of that tragedy. A promo for the episode shows Barry mourning for his father at his funeral.

Wally West, who recently found that Barry is Flash, comforts him. "I had no idea that you were The Flash. All you have done for everyone, Now this with your dad and Zoom, I am so sorry," Wally says.

Barry vows to his dead father: "I promise you, I am going to take from him what he took from you." With this, Zoom challenges Barry to a race "to see who is the fastest man alive". The Star Labs team are suspicious about Zoom's motives but later figure out Zoom's endgame.

The promo shows a power amplifier as Harrison Wells points out: "This power amplifier can easily be weaponised. He wants to take out every other planet in the multiverse." Barry adds: "That's why he wants to race. He wants the energy I create when I run."

Joe West then asks Barry not to race Zoom but an emotional Barry says: " I want him to suffer, for everything he has ever done." However, Wells has some piece of advice for Barry. "You want revenge? If that's why you are doing this, you will lose!" he says.

The promo ends with Barry running to defeat Zoom, in what looks like the "race of his life". The episode will also feature another big reveal about The Man in Iron Mask.

Teddy Sears, who plays Zoom, spoke to TV Insider about The Flash season 2's finale episode. He teased: "Something extraordinary happens at the end of the [previous] episode that is just shocking. It's totally out of left field."

Speaking about Zoom's plan, the 39-year-old actor added: "He wants to lord over Barry's planet. For all of Zoom's obsession with Barry, I think [Hunter] Zolomon sees him as the guy he could have become. There is a jealousy there."

"You can't imagine that it's all about Zoom racing Barry. There is certainly more to it," Sears teased.

Who is The Man in Iron Mask? Can Barry stop Zoom from destroying the multiverse? Watch The Race of His Life episode of The Flash this Tuesday to find out.