James Corden has entertained numerous celebrities, as well as viewers, with a segment in The Late Late Show called Truth Or Eat, where the host and stars have to try out bizarre dishes if they refrain from answering tough questions.

In the latest episode of the show, it was Gordon Ramsay who was seated opposite Corden, with dishes on the revolving table between them which included bull's penis, cow's tongue, chicken feet, pickled pigs' feet juice, hot sauce, among other weird items.

The fun began when the celebrity chef was asked which star he would not want back in one of his restaurants again. Initially, Ramsay was hesitant about eating the bull's penis, revealing that he would not like to welcome back a certain celebrity from the US.

However, he stopped short of naming the person and was forced to take a mouthful of the bull's penis, which was soaked in hot sauce. He immediately spat it out into a bin after taking a bite as his face turned red from the heat of the sauce, and then gulped down some water.

"No [I'm not alright]," Ramsay told Corden.

"My nose is running and I think my arse is bleeding," he said jokingly, proceeding to check out his behind.

Corden had to taste a weird dish on the table before him as well – grasshoppers marinated in clam juice – after he was unable to answer when asked whether he preferred the US or UK.

The video of the segment has been shared on YouTube and has been viewed more than 2 million times.

One user wrote on the comments section, "Gordon Ramsay changed the game with the marinating hahaha," while someone else added, "Best episode of Spill Your Guts ever."

Another fan said, "That was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen."