In an age where elected politicians often fall short of the mark, it's truly heartening to see one who makes a huge personal sacrifice for the people he represents.

No one can accuse Victor Aguilar, Mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, Mexico, of being self-interested after he went above and beyond the call of duty to lend local farmers and fishermen a hand.

On Friday (30 June), Aguilar took part in a ceremony that superstition dictates will bring them good catches and harvests. He 'married' a crocodile.

Video footage shows the tiny croc wearing a specially fitted wedding dress and veil as Aguilar dances with it among a throng of confetti-throwing revellers.

Aguilar said: "With this ritual we ask for a good harvest, for the sea and the lagoons to give us all the food we need and we ask that everything goes well with everyone here."

Whoever happens to be mayor of San Pedro Huamelula must observe the unusual tradition each year in order to bring local farmers and fishermen luck.

It symbolises the resolution of a conflict between two groups of indigenous peoples in pre-Hispanic times, according to CNN.

The mayor of represents the prince of the Chontales people while the crocodile represents the princess of the Huale.

The 'wedding' is just one part of a festival dedicated to Saint Peter in the town.

A reveller said: "The dance they do here is like an offer to God, to thank for the land, the harvest, the fish."

Mexican Mayor Weds Crocodile Called ‘The Princess’
Mexican mayor marries the crocodile princess