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Scream TV series airs its second episode on 7 July. The episode's title Hello, Emma plays off the iconic dialogue - "Hello, Sydney" - from the original film. Does the title suggest that Emma will be Ghostface's next victim?

Maybe, maybe not. A sneak peek for the upcoming episode teases that Rachel could be on the receiving end of the killer's blade.

In the video, during class, Noah is delivering a "creepy monologue" about the "killer's design" in the age of social media when suddenly Riley gets a text saying that a student from St Mary's has died. Rachel is a student at St Mary's. The news shakes up Audrey who leaves the classroom. Check out the video below:

Is Rachel the next victim on Scream? Episode 1 of the series did show the masked killer watching her and Audrey.

The official synopsis for episode 2 reads: "The death of another teenager casts doubt on the entire city and leads to a fight between Emma and Audrey. Meanwhile, a podcaster arrives in town to report on the murders."

What exactly causes this 'fight' between Emma and Audrey?

In last week's episode, Emma was with Nina when she recorded the video of Audrey and Rachel kissing in the car. The video went viral and caused Audrey a lot of grief. The aftermath of Nina's murder leads Emma to confess this to Audrey which leads to a rift between the two. (via Latin Post)

Meanwhile, the town folk are currently suspecting the killer to be Brandon James - who was the killer from 20 years ago, rumoured to still be on the loose. Incidentally, the final moments of last week's episode revealed that Audrey has a picture of Brandon James on her wall.

Scream episode 2 Hello, Emma airs on 7 July at 10pm ET/ 9pm CT on MTV. You can click here to watch the episode online.

You can also watch the episode live stream online by clicking here.