NCIS season 13
Abby and DiNozzo focus on the two escapees in NCIS season 13 episode 21 pictures CBS

Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs will team up with the FBI and Homeland Security after two British prisoners escape and cross international borders via a shipping container in a new episode of NCIS season 13. Episode 21 is titled, Return To Sender, which will air on 19 April at 8pm EST on CBS.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

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A promo for the episode opens with Timothy McGee and Bishop investigating a case and Timothy saying, "These are prison jumpsuits." She replies, "Are we looking at the bad end of a prison escape?"

Then we see senior FBI agent Tobias C Fornell and Gibbs coming face-to-face. The promo's voice-over says, "They will tag team with the FBI on a case to unravel until the very end." The NCIS team finds missing weapons at a laser tag arena and Bishop says, "Who keeps a spy stash in the laser tag area?"

Fans should also keep an eye out for Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly) in the episode, as he was last seen questioning his lifestyle choices after the phony Tony pointed out that he has no life in the previous episode. The synopsis also talks about McGee, who is busy apartment hunting, being determined to find out how DiNozzo purchased his place. With the finale of season 13 nearing, each episode will set up ways for Weatherly to quit the show.