Once Upon A Time season 5
Regina and Emma try a spell in Once Upon A Time season 5 episode 17 ABC

Once Upon A Time season 5 returns with an all-new episode where the Storybrooke heroes' battle against Hades begins, as Belle seeks Rumplestiltskin help to protect their child from the King of the Underworld.

Episode 17 is titled, Her Handsome Hero, which will air on 10 April at 8pm EST on the ABC Network. The official synopsis of the show reads as follows:

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Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

In the latest promo, Emma and Regina are seen using magic to break Hades's spell. The video opens with Hook keeping a watch, as Emma wakes up in panic – probably due to a nightmare. Emma says, "Sorry, I fell asleep" to which Hook replies, "I am glad you did. Do you realise it's the first time you've slept since you rescued me..."

But an adamant Emma says that she will sleep only after they have defeated Hades. This is followed by the two witnessing a signal from Snow and they get inside the clock tower. Meanwhile, Regina is working on some symbols on a door, attempting to break Hades's spell. Then, Regina and Emma both use their power and the promo ends with the door opening.

In the previous episode of OUAT season 5, Belle found out that she was pregnant and that her unborn baby was being hunted by Hades, and that the father of her child – Rumple – is still the Dark One. In the promo, Belle can be seen in Rumple's shop, telling him, "I won't be separated from this child. I need your help."

Rumple asks if she has accepted him as the Dark One, to which she replies, "I have accepted that no one will fight for a child like its father, but no dark magic." Belle urges him to be a good man, and says, "Show me that you can be that man, show me and we can save our child and we can turn the Darkness into light."

But the Dark One responds, "That's the thing with dark and light, depends on your point of view." To which Belle says that if he –Rumple – wants a future with her, he has "to do this the right way".