Outlander season 2
Jamie and Claire in Outlander season 2 Starz

Starz hit time-travelling period drama Outlander returns with its second season this Saturday (9 April) at 9pm ET/PT. In episode 1 titled Through a Glass, Darkly, Jamie and Claire Fraser arrive in Paris to stop the Jacobite rebellion.

The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

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Season 1 ended with Jamie being raped by Black Jack Randal and somehow managing to escape with his wife Claire. The Frazers were seen sailing to France in a ship. Actors Caitriona Balfe (Claire Frazer) and Sam Heughan (Jamie Frazer) teased what is in store for their characters in season 2 of the Starz series.

Balfe told Hollywood Life: "Obviously, Jamie is still reeling from the trauma of the end of season one, so that's had a huge affect on their marriage. He's kind of going through his own personal hell, and Claire is trying to be empathetic and trying to understand and keep his mind occupied. But that comes at a price for her. She feels quite lonely and feels very estranged from him in a lot of ways."

According to Heughan, Paris will have a big impact on Jamie and Claire's relationship. He said: "They're in Paris for a reason but it's a dangerous place for them, a poisonous place that begins to impact their relationship."

According to Balfe, season 2 is different from its pilot season. She revealed: "It's very different. The story takes on a whole new journey. The first half of the season we're obviously in a different country with different social codes. Visually, it's very different. Season one, we saw a couple fall in love and it was very passionate. In season two, they're not only trying to change the course of history, their relationship is much more complex."

According to showrunner Ronald D. Moore, season 2 will pick up immediately after the events of the season 1 finale. He told Entertainment Weekly: "They arrive in France and then they're off to Paris to stop the Jacobite rebellion. They have certain connections. Jamie has family in Paris. One thing leads to another so they meet the key people."