The Originals season 3
The Originals season 3 picks up the narrative after the deadly showdown with the powerful witch Dahlia TheCW

The Originals season 3 returns with more drama for Mikaelson brothers and their sire lines this Thursday, 8 October at 9pm ET/PT on The CW. Episode 1 is titled, For The Next Millennium, which will pick up the narrative a few months after the deadly showdown with the powerful witch Dahlia, and a rift that continues to divide brothers Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies).

The official synopsis released by the network reads as follows:

Season 3 begins with Klaus becoming suspicious when an old vampire friend arrives in New Orleans with a mysterious agenda involving the Mikaelsons's remaining sire lines. Meanwhile, Hayley struggles with being cursed to her wolf form in the bayou. In the French Quarter, a series of gruesome discoveries are made that may be the work of a serial killer; and Marcel, who has regained control of the French Quarter, tries a new strategy to recruit vampires.

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The second season of the supernatural series ended with Klaus severing his relationship with his families, mostly with his brother Elijah and the mother of his child, Hayley. Klaus trapped Hayley in a curse where she remains werewolf for all nights except on full moon.

Actor Phoebe Tonkin has warned fans not to expect any reconciliation between Hayley and Klaus in The Originals season 3 opening episode. Tonkin told Tvline that Hayley is still "furious" with Klaus for "this awful thing he's done to the mother of his child. ... She's missing all these huge milestones in her daughter's life, and she's not going to be able to forgive him for that."

According to the actress, the show's six-month time jump will "show the seriousness of the curse and what Klaus did to her". Tonkin said it is "important" for people to understand just how messed up that decision really was, and how greatly it will affect their confrontation in Season 3.

Daniel Gillies teased that Elijah's hostile relationship with his brother Klaus will set off a dramatic series of developments in season 3. Gillies told The Wrap: "I think the rift between them is going to precipitate the chain of events. It's not just a begrudging alliance now — it's an alliance on its last thread of trust."

Meanwhile, Jason Dohring is joining the show as Detective Will Kinney in season 3. The detective will be one of the few characters in New Orleans without supernatural powers. Dohring dished a few details about his character in an interview with Zap2it. "It's no good. Any vampire can really just kill any human, it seems."

He said, "I want to think he kind of moved up in the ranks, starting out as a regular cop and then became a detective. You've got all these gruesome crimes showing up, he turns to his buddy Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), who knows the occult, to team up and see what they can find out together."