Corbyn and Cameron clash in the Commons
Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron set to clash in the Commons Reuters

Labour have pressed the Conservatives over the government's controversial tax deal with Google and the subject is expected to come up when Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron clash at prime minister's questions (PMQs) on Wednesday (27 January). Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has written to George Osborne after the £130m ($185m) settlement came to light.

The payment relates to money made by the technology giant in the UK since 2015 and is equivalent to an effective corporation tax rate of reportedly just 3%. The House of Commons Treasury committee is set to launch an investigation into Britain's tax system.

Steve Hilton, Cameron's former director of public strategy, has also warned Cameron about the HMRC deal. "There is a growing sense of companies that are so big and so dominant -- not just in the marketplace, but in the way they relate to governments in their lobbying efforts and so on -- that they really are above the law," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Google tax avoidance and George Osborne's Soviet-style 'victory'

The debate across the dispatch boxes will also come after Corbyn spoke to IBTimes UK at the launch of Labour's new lecture tour in London. The left-winger said the public debates would help build trust in Labour over the economy and praised McDonnell for organising the event.

You can watch the bout on BBC Parliament, BBC2's Daily Politics, Parliament TV and Sky News from 12pm GMT. Also make sure to follow @IBTUKPolitics for live reaction and commentary on the debate.