A video has captured the moment a Vancouver, British Columbia police officer berated an unrepentant mother after she left her children in the car in the "scorching" heat.

Police said they received multiple emergency calls about the two children, aged three and six, who were said to be in distress while the mother was grocery shopping.

She was gone for roughly 20 minutes and when she returned, she was met with responding police, ambulance and fire crews, but did not seem to understand the gravity of the situation.

In the footage that followed, the visibly upset officer could be seen yelling at the mother and threatening to take her children away.

"Do you understand what you've done?" he asked. "Your children could have died.

"You don't seem to understand the danger that you put these children in."

However, the mother interrupts the officer to say that the children are fine, only angering him further.

"Listen to me," the officer continued. "You're talking when you should be listening. Your children could have died – the windows are up and it's hot out. It takes two or three minutes."

But the mother continued to claim that the children were fine and seemed unimpressed by the officer's words.

"Why are you arguing?" the officer interrupted. "You want me to seize your kids and you'll never see them again? Is that your problem?

"That is your problem. You don't seem to understand what you've done. You have a fire truck, an ambulance and two police cars here because you left your kids in there and you think it's fine. You wonder why I'm upset?"

Vancouver Police Department confirmed that the woman will not be charged, but said her file has been handed to the children's ministry.