Ruth Negga stars as Tulip O Hare in AMC series Preacher Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

Preacher season 1 episode 3 follows the events of Jesse Custer discovering his newfound powers, and brings into the loop the trio – the preacher, Tulip O' Hare, and Cassidy. Episode 3 titled, Possibilities, will air on Sunday (12 June) on 9pm EST on AMC. It will find Jesse being preached by his vampire friend on the better use of his powers.

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In the previous episode, the preacher played by DominicCooper realised the odds of his friendship with the Irish lout Cassidy, as he revealed to Jesse that he is actually a hundred-year-old vampire.

Although it was unclear if the Annville-based god's man believed in Cassidy's secret, but considering his abilities post the eventful day in church, otherworldly creatures and powers should not be a surprise to Jesse for long.

Sunday's episode will pick up the events after Jesse actually makes use of his powers to revive the sick girl in town. However, great powers need to be honed and trained and that is where Cassidy comes in the picture. "You just imagine the possibilities here," he says in the trailer for the episode when Jesse demonstrates his powers by making the vampire fly simply at his command.

Meanwhile, Tulip's struggle to convince her ex-boyfriend-turned-preacher to join her mission continues. While the villain-beating female fatale has not revealed the real motive for the killings or Jesse's role in the big picture, it seems his powers could play a significant role in achieving Tulip's personal vendetta. But, that would be the case only if Jesse agrees to join the fight to achieve what Tulip calls 'justice'.

The official synopsis of episode 3 of Preacher reads as follows:

Cassidy helps Jesse explore his newfound power; based on new information, Tulip tries to convince Jesse to seek revenge.

While all the drama unfolds with Jesse and company, the two Adelphi angels – Fiore and DeBlanc – come back from the dead mysteriously as their hunt for the Genesis' host continues. What is the hunt all about?

To find out, watch Preacher episode 3 on Sunday.