Preacher season 1 finally returns with a brand new episode on 5 June after the AMC dark comic drama aired its action-packed premiere on 22 May. Episode 2 titled See is expected to introduce the viewers to a new villain, as the preacher Jesse Custer follows his newfound track of helping people. How will the new character affect the current state of being in the little town of Texas?

Watch Preacher season 1 episode 2 to know more about the interesting mix of characters in the series on 5 June on AMC at 9 pm EST. Click here to watch the episode online on the official website.

A new trailer of the AMC series reveals that Jesse has already embraced his latest mission of being "one of the good guys" as he baptises a set of people – some known faces and a few new – in front of the church.

As the unconventional preacher, who conducts confessions with cigarettes and alcohol, takes on his new task, he is visited by his former love interest, the fierce Tulip O' Hare. It seems like Jesse's bad**s ex-girlfriend is in no mood to wait for him to get back into action, as she informs him it is "time to get to work".

Meanwhile, the mysterious duo, who had been on the chase for some time, watches Jesse and the entire ceremony from a distance before commenting on the strange nature of the happenings. Judging by this trailer, Preacher seems to be ready to introduce some new characters into the already quirky mix.

While trailer 1 featured Jesse and his immediate surroundings, another trailer shed light on two dark yet interesting characters. Featuring a very shadowy enclosure, possibly the church interiors, the video shows two weird guys preparing to sing a creepy song. Could these two men have any antagonistic role to play in the plot?

Preacher, the supernatural drama, follows the story of Jesse, who has an unusual team – Cassidy the vampire, and ex Tulip – for a yet unknown mission.