Preacher is a supernatural comic drama that airs on AMC on Sundays Matthias Clamer/AMC

Preacher season 1 has gone for a brief hiatus and will not air its next episode on 29 May after airing the pilot episode last week. The dark comic drama by AMC is scheduled to return with episode 2 titled, See, on 5 June.

Click here to watch the Pilot episode of Preacher live online on the official website of AMC.

Following the life of a West Texas-based preacher, Jesse Custer played by Dominic Cooper, the AMC horror drama includes numerous elements between heaven and hell. With its eccentric combination of characters including a drunk preacher, his bada*s girlfriend and a lost vampire, the show has garnered some quality attention for its pilot episode that premiered last week.

The show began with the life of the preacher – with a dark past – being showcased. The comic drama later introduced fans to his ex-girlfriend Tulip starring Ruth Negga. Crazy and bloody are possibly the best terms to describe Tulip, who takes down villains with a touch of her signature humour.

Another interesting supernatural character introduced in the pilot episode was the Irish vagabond Cassidy played by Joe Gilgun, who happens to be a vampire as well. Judging by the way the premiere progressed there seem to be high chances that the three may form a partnership going ahead.

The premiere episode also established another major driving fact, that Jesse is now the host of Genesis, the otherworldly creature. With his newfound powers, Jesse will now embark on a mission in the upcoming episode to "preach", help people, and be one of the good guys. However, the unconventional preacher of Annville proceeds unaware of a certain mysterious duo, who are in search of him.

Episode 2 of Preachers Preacher will air on AMC on 5 June at 9pm EST.