Alex finds herself in the middle of a congressional hearing to testify about the terrorist bombings ABC

Alex Parrish will be seen in the midst of a congressional hearing to testify about the terrorist bombings, in the upcoming episode of Quantico. While everyone in the FBI is thinking that Elias is the mastermind behind the deadly attacks, Parrish insists that the terrorist is from inside the bureau. The show returns after a three-month hiatus and fans can expect some explosive revelations in the upcoming chapter.

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The midseason premiere episode titled, Alex, will begin three months after the command centre blast. It will focus on Parrish's struggle to convince Liam and the FBI about the terrorist. However, the journey ahead will be more difficult considering the trauma she suffered in the previous episodes.

"She was made a fugitive of the law. She was blamed for the worst terrorist attack in America after 9/11. It's got to affect you," the actress says. "She was on the run. Everyone turned against her. There's so much that's going on in her head! Imagine all of that happening to somebody. She's in a dark place," Priyanka Chopra (Alex) told TV Line.

The official synopsis of episode 12 reads as follows:

Alex finds herself in the middle of a congressional hearing to testify about the terrorist bombings. Convinced Elias didn't act alone, she is determined to find answers and the truth. While back at Quantico, a new group of NATS join Alex and her classmates, causing tension and competition between the groups of trainees.

In the previous episode fans saw, Elias being nabbed by the FBI, who insisted that he was forced to do all some things. Nonetheless, the informed the FBI that a second bomb was planted in a hotel where Democratic delegates were staying. After which, Liam shifted all the delegated to the Command centre.

But to everyone's shock, the command centre itself exploded killing as many as 32 people (according to recent promo videos). Now, it is unclear whether any known character has died or not, but for sure we some nay have died in the blast.

Since Claire, Clayton and Caleb were all in the building at the time of the blast, it is feared that they could have lost their lives. The three-month jump will reveal the fate of the characters and the show's producer Josh Safran has claimed that the time-jump will allow viewers to see more of the characters' back story.

Alex may be innocent, but the real threat remains. Return to #Quantico tomorrow at 10|9c.

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"We wanted to jump ahead and give us this space to tell more stories because when you see them in the future, clearly a lot has happened, and you're wondering what went down there between these two people or these two people. And we will fill in those blanks as we go along," Safran told TV Guide.

To know what happens next on the show, watch Quantico season 1 episode 12 that will air on 8 March on ABC.

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